Be Immersed

What if the boy you love is immortal, ocean-bound, and you are a human girl afraid of the sea?

find me amazon[606]

Skye surrendered to the weightless embrace of the water and sank. Hunter sank with her. She felt as if she was accepting an invitation to enter his world. A world of shifting motion, of pressing silence and deafening noise. A world where she could be with him. Was that even possible? He’d brought her this far. How much further could he take her?

When Skye Sebastian returns to the seaside village of her childhood and meets Hunter, a compelling, mysterious swimmer, she is soon drawn into a dangerous riptide. Instead of seeking answers about the drowning of her mother there ten years earlier, she becomes obsessed with questions about this beautiful, enigmatic boy. But what is the cost of uncovering his secrets? Will it be too late before she realizes that once you’re in too deep, there’s no going back?

Join Skye and Hunter as they discover each other, and their worlds collide.  Share the story of an ordinary girl and the extraordinary love that leads her beyond impossible.

Visit my author page on Amazon for more about me, or click here to purchase on Amazon for $3.99 USD or read it for free if you belong to KU

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