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Hi, thanks for checking out Immersed, my clean YA paranormal romantic suspense series set in and around the sea. Be prepared for some dark and unexpected twists and a very enchanting and romantic love story. Think along the lines of Twilight meets the ocean, throw in a cursed race instead of vampires, and enjoy!

I’m so excited about the cover for Follow Me (book two), which is available for pre-order while my editor and I fine-tune! I’m writing book three now, and book one is on a .99c special for a limited time, or read the first three chapters free here, and my short prequel is free, links below, to encourage readers to jump on into Immersed, where going back in the water could change everything.

Find Me (Immersed 1)

When the one you love is trapped in the place you fear most, do you set them free? Or join them?

Skye Sebastian lives far from the ocean that destroyed her family’s happiness, but her father’s brooding obsession with her mother’s death keeps their loss close.

When Skye returns to the coastal village of her childhood in search of answers, she meets Hunter, a compelling, mysterious swimmer and is soon drawn into in a dangerous riptide. Beautiful and mesmerizing, he is like no one she has ever known, and he clearly finds her just as irresistible.

But as she begins to uncover his secrets and the danger grows, it might already be too late. Because once you’re in too deep, there is no going back.
Does Hunter hold the answers to Skye’s happiness? Or is she the key to his? Skye will risk everything to find out.

The first three chapters are available here or browse my blog about writing and the Immersed journey.

Stunning new covers for YA Paranormal romantic suspense series IMMERSED

Pre-order your e-book Follow Me on Amazon for delivery late May 2019.

Follow Me (Immersed 2)

If getting what you want could kill you, do you let it go? Or risk everything to keep it?He saved her from drowning. She saved him back. But neither of them knew that their love could be deadly.

Skye Sebastian is human and doesn’t believe in happy ever after. But the cursed, beautiful boy she loves has walked out of his ocean prison to share her world with her, and Skye has never been happier.

Hunter didn’t mean to pass part of himself on to Skye, but when haunting apparitions start leaving her body and rumours of his Forgotten clan begin to circulate, Hunter realizes he could lose everything.

Hunter and Skye must choose between heartbreak and horror. Or will they suffer both?  Because once you’re in too deep, there’s no going back.

Find Me begins on Amazon

Find Me Begins, A Prequel FREE

The Best dream can begin with a nightmare.

Skye Sebastian lives like a ghost in her own life, unseen by her brooding father, separated from her best friend, and far from the ocean she loves and fears – the ocean that destroyed her family’s happiness. But something, or someone, is drawing closer to Skye, and her world is about to be shattered in the best way.

Trying to avoid the pain that love can bring is her intention. But sometimes embracing the thing you fear most is where you find true happiness. 

This is a short free prelude to the novel Find Me, book one of Immersed series

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