And the story unfolds…

I can’t really describe the pleasure of seeing this story unfold, being there every word and step of the way, getting it polished and gleaming and then sending it out into the world to find hearts and minds to inhabit. The finished book seems only very vaguely related to the hours, months and sometimes years of creation that preceded it.

The Immersed bookshelf is growing, there’s a short (free) prequel called Find Me Begins, book one Find Me, book two Follow Me which is available for pre-order and will be delivered to your kindle device or to your door at the end of May, and I’m writing book three. I haven’t given that one its official title yet as there are some very dramatic developments as the story progresses and it may take a book four to bring it to its exciting and satisfying conclusion.

So I’ve created a new page with the books so far, their outline and links, you can check it out here, download your free prequel, or read the first three chapters of book one here.

I’m writing this in a place that is very special to me, and I’ve been with family as we’ve supported each other through one of life’s sad but beautiful times. I’m just a short walk from this beautiful beach, and I hear the waves if I step outside. The people I love and their impact on my life will always be in my heart. And a little bit like that, I love that wherever I go in life, my characters and the world I’ve created for them are never far from me, especially when I watch the waves catch the sunset and listen to the incessant roar of the ocean. I’m…Immersed.

Thanks for reading.

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