Is ‘faster’ fast enough?

Free prequel Find Me Begins

This is a crazy old world that I’ve thrown myself into: Indie authorship, I mean. Self-publishing. Yes the dream of being discovered and traditionally published still lurks, but it’s quite a long ways back of the bus these days. Now I’m so busy struggling my baffled way through the complex world of being not just a writer/author but a publisher, PR, advertiser, networker etc that my mind is literally boggling most of the time.

The thing that astounds me most, that makes me feel like I’ve plunged over a cliff and my stomach hasn’t caught up yet, is the speed in which so many of my peers publish new books. Not just one a year, but one a month! Two a month!! How is this even possible? But it is, and they do it. I completely admire them, although as you can probably tell there is a massive amount of boggling going on in my brain. Because although when it comes to creating books I’m getting faster, I don’t know if it will ever be fast enough.

My first book took six years from conception to completion. That’s Find Me, the book most mentioned on this site. Book two, Follow Me, took a year to get a draft ready to be critiqued, and I’m about to begin a second round of edits. So I’m feeling pretty fantastic. That’s like 600% faster, right? Something like that anyway. Maths isn’t my strong suit.

I’ve also begun clarifying book three’s outline, and I’ve written a short prequel to give away, to introduce readers to the world of Immersed, and hopefully get them to sign up to my newsletter so I can personally let them know when new books come out. But still…it isn’t anything remotely close to the speed at which I need to produce work. The kind of speed at which I could possibly earn my living as an author.

But although this is a lengthy labour for me, it is still a labour of love. And I hope that in the long run my Immersed series will be worth the wait, not just for me but for the readers who discover the world of Skye and Hunter, and who come along for the ride with me. If you are curious, and would like a short, sweet read, I’d love you to download a free copy of my prequel to Find Me, called ‘Find Me Begins, A Prequel.’ Click here to follow the link to download yours. You’ll be asked to sign up to my newsletter, but if you don’t want to hear directly from me about when Follow Me is released (at last!) or other giveaways, please just enjoy the free e-book and unsubscribe at any time.Visit my author page on Amazon for more about me, or purchase book one Find Me on Amazon for $.99 USD for a limited time

Be Immersed…

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