A look inside Find Me


Hunter stared at the water stretching before them. “I hate what we are. Corrupt, wicked. Imprisoned. We are practically immortal. And utterly trapped.”

She followed his gaze across the sea, and for an instant, as if seeing through his eyes, she felt the icy weight of the ocean, crushing her beneath its consummate power and absolute indifference.

Tearing away from her vision, she turned to find Hunter watching her. A bead of seawater trailed down his cheekbone, a trace of his prison. She saw hollow loss in his face, and recognised in his eyes the scars that only betrayal and grief can leave. She recalled that dummy run day when he’d stroked a tear from her cheek and irretrievably marked her heart. It felt the most natural thing in the world now to reach out, to touch her fingertip gently to the silvery trail on his cheek. He caught his breath, his eyelids flickering.

A story is about its characters. Do we connect with them? Relate, or love to hate? Or love to love? Is their journey one that pulls us into their world, wrenching at our hearts? Or makes us laugh and feel we’ve truly escaped for a while? I hope I’ve done some of that with Hunter and Skye, and the people who surround them in Find Me. This page features an extract from the story, and images that resonate with the mood of Find Me. Come with me, and be Immersed.


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