Find Me

It’s been a while in the making, a while in the dreaming, and in the the editing, revising and editing again. But my first young adult novel Find Me is finished and out there in the world of Amazon book sales, finding readers. Will you be one of them?
Here’s what it’s all about, the story so far. And yes, there is much more to come!
Skye Sebastian, seventeen, has a crippling fear of being in the ocean after losing her mother to it when she was a child. Her father is still broodingly obsessed with his wife’s death.
Learning her mother may not have drowned, and responding to the sea-longing that haunts her, Skye returns to the coastal village of her childhood.
There, a strong bond grows between Skye and Hunter, a compelling swimmer. But who is Hunter, and why does he never leave the sea? He has the answers she seeks about her mother. But can her love survive the awful truth? Will either of them survive the sacrifices they must make?
“Come with me,” and share the love that leads an ordinary girl into the impossible.
For a look inside Find Me on Amazon click here

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