Find Me, Published! Now it really starts…

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When you’re in too deep, there’s no going back.  That’s me as well as my characters.  Well, my friends, I have done it.  After six long years, or forever, I am now a published author.  I am now a published author.

Sure, I qualify that in a sub-voice “Self-published author. E-book author.”  But it doesn’t really take the shine off.  I am now a published author.  And in today’s world, if you take out the brand recognition and marketing clout of traditional publishers also publishing on a digital platform, I’m on a fairly even playing field.

I have a fascinating cover, and a story and text that has been crafted within an inch of its life.  I love my characters, sincerely.  I love their journey.  I think some other people out there will too.  So I’ve thrown my hat into the ring, and my heart is full.

Now begins the next part of my journey, closely tied to the journey that Skye and Hunter, Morgan and Ethan and all the rest must take.  Mine will be crafting theirs, and alerting the world to their existence.

I’ve you’d like to join in, either as reader or sharer on whatever social media platforms you like to spend time in, I will be forever grateful.  Click here to visit my author page on Amazon, where there is a wee blurb about me, and a link to the book. Or if you’d like to go straight to the book on Amazon click here. There’s a brief synopsis and excerpt, click to see inside the book, or to purchase.  I’m told that reviews are golden to authors.  So if you do buy, read and like it, consider placing a review to give other uncertain readers a nudge into the world of Find Me.  Thanks, all.

Francesca Riley’s Amazon Author page   Find Me for sale on Amazon

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